I help startups and client teams define, model and design compelling, elegant product experiences

I have honed this expertise over 20 years in startups and digital marketing agencies.

Product Design

I model and design user experiences for mobile apps, e-commerce and marketing sites, CRM programs and enterprise/B2B apps. With empathy and deep listening, I collaborate to uncover customer insights, employing design thinking skills across the design lifecycle: user research, journey mapping, product and content strategy, information architecture, interaction design, prototyping, visual design, and just a pinch of front-end development.

Product Management

I have overseen product development, and led client relationships and customer service for a startup SaaS app (identifying women with elevated breast cancer risk in radiology centers). I have also consulted on product development for a social messaging app. On larger marketing-driven "products," I has built strong client relationships to co-create strategic product roadmaps.


I facilitate successful design, content strategy, and product development teams. I take particular pride in supporting team members' individual growth, helping them to cultivate confidence and to expand their leadership qualities and potential. I support team members to evangelize design thinking within organizations, advocate for lean, cross-functional processes, and to create more focused products.


I have designed and directed products and experiences that deliver health insight, inspiration, connection, and play


More Marketing & E-commerce

  • Tylenol (marketing site + app concept)
  • Women's Rogaine (site + CRM app concept)
  • Listerine (marketing site)
  • Neutrogena (marketing site)
  • MegaRed (marketing site)
  • Alcoa Home Exteriors (pre-commerce site)
  • Earthlink (conversion site & ecosystem strategy)
  • AOL Mobile (marketing & lead generation site)

More Startups

  • Sumday (BNY Mellon)
  • Model.me (photo-based social network)
  • Nutrimom (pregnancy and post-birth nutrition from Danone)
  • Hey, Neighbor! (neighborhood social network)
  • iGoal (social goal achievement app)

I have played an expanded role in these businesses as designer and product manager 


I believe that the foundation of a great product is presence


Being truly present for colleagues and team members is the starting point for building team cultures that elevate creativity and growth, and diminish toxic strains of mistrust, fear and doubt. Open and creative cultures where people see and respect each other solve problems better. They can better see and empathize with what's real in people's experiences—their struggles, their joys, their desires. From this place, real insights give birth to ideas that can break through blockages, quiet chaotic noise, and create flow. Great products start with a willing attitude, positive regard, and presence.